10 most wired Restaurants over the world

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1. Circus Restaurant – London
located in Covent Garden, London - Circus Restaurant is an attractive Pan Asian restaurant where you will find a rich menu and of course something to your liking. And the best part comes at the evening when the spectacle starts with multiple performances and twirling entertainers.

When someone is planning to go on vacation usually they make some searches on internet or ask friend that have been in that place where they are planing to go for interesting things to do and places to visit. But when it comes to food most of them just go what's near by or they use the room service. Hey hold on, there is a list of restaurants around the world that aren't normal restaurants, they hide on those names something more interesting for you, so do not waste your chance to visit them. You will find in the gallery above the 10 most wired Restaurants around the world.

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