Top 5 Moves to Tone Your Butt

Get moving and repeat this exercises 2 - 3 three times a week and you will and you will an efficient result very soon. Don't waste your time get to work and you will not dream a healthy toned body but you will have one.

19 Images from weddings fail moments

Check out 19 funny wedding pics we have collected around the web. Hope that you wouldn't have a similar moment in your wedding if your not married 😛

22 Funny Pics that you’ll have to look twice

These 21 pics collected around the web are not as they look. You have to look them twice or more to understand what's going on in these pics. They are fun and strange in the same time. Just relax a navigate through the above gallery and have some laugh during the time, we will be happy if we make you smile somehow.

New Year around the globe in 28 Photos

Fireworks explodes each year from every corner of the earth and wishes for a better year fill out the air. In the gallery above we have collected 28 photos from all around the world celebrating the New Year's Eve. We wish you Happy New Year!

10 video games that will be released in 2015

For all the gamers out there we will present to you the Top 10 Video Games that will be released this year. For some of them you already know about because they have been planned to be released on 2014 and some others already have a beta or alpha version around the internet. My favorite one is ASSASSIN’S CREED: Victory. Check out the gallery above and stay tuned for your favorite game. Enjoy them!