11 Hotels made by strange things

There are 11 hotels around the world build with wired materials like Chocolate, Salt, Sand and Card Keys. Located from all around the world and build by well known Studios, Business mans, group of friends or students these hotels are ecologically safe a they look nice as well.

Top 10 Street Pics from 500px

500px has released the 2014 Top 10 Street pics, in contrast with the Time Magazine where we saw war an poverty in these pics you will find more happiness, love and peace. These pics shows moments at different places around the world taken from professional photographs and animator.

Top 10 photos of 2014 by TIME

The Time magazine has released the top 10 photos of 2014. As you can see it looks like the 2014 has been a terrible year a horror year, on all the 10 photos the only "happy" photo is the selfie photo published on Instagram by Ellen DeGeneres that was take on Oscar 2014.

Tallest building completing in 2015

The 828 m tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building ever. Even this year no building will exceed it. Check out the 10 tallest building that will be completed in 2015, starting with Shanghai Tower the second tallest building in the world 632 meters.

New Year around the globe in 28 Photos

Fireworks explodes each year from every corner of the earth and wishes for a better year fill out the air. In the gallery above we have collected 28 photos from all around the world celebrating the New Year's Eve. We wish you Happy New Year!

The Flying Car – AeroMobil

In 1940 Henry Ford said:  Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come. And here it is the AeroMobil 3.0 a project started from the 90.

10 video games that will be released in 2015

For all the gamers out there we will present to you the Top 10 Video Games that will be released this year. For some of them you already know about because they have been planned to be released on 2014 and some others already have a beta or alpha version around the internet. My favorite one is ASSASSIN’S CREED: Victory. Check out the gallery above and stay tuned for your favorite game. Enjoy them!