The Flying Car – AeroMobil

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In 1940 Henry Ford said:  Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come. And here it is the AeroMobil 3.0 a project started from the 90. It's build with steel framework and carbon coating, top speed is 124 mph on air and 99 mph on road and consumes 15 l/h on air and 8 l/h on the road. The aeromobile is still on testing period and they aim to improve the design and technical functionality in the future. The aeromobile 2.0 was presented for the first time at 2007 and the last time that was presented and tested was 2014 for the Pioneers festival in Vienna. The AeroMobile is in development stage from 1990 the primary engineer is Štefan Klein.

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