The most expensive hotel in New York

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Have you ever thought to pay $45.000 for sleeping only one night? If not than you have to believe that there is a Suite in Four Seasons Hotels in New Your where you have to pay $45.000 for one night. The Four Seasons Hotels in one of the most luxury hotels in New York and it has the most expensive Suite in New York, with a 360 degree view of the city. Walls and ceilings are all decorated with pictures and precious stones. For $45.000 at night you will have a personal butler at your services 24 hours at day, a personal trainer and a personal chauffeur with a Rolls-Royce at your disposal. At the gallery above we have included 10 photos from the suite so that you will understand why someone will have to pay $45.000 per night at Four Seasons Hotel's Suite. You can leave a comment below a tell us: With whom would you like to spend the night in the Four Seasons Hotel's Suite?

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